When Pau Gasol talks trash

Pau Gasol's nature is to be measured in his comments, about just about anything. With microphones around, he is borderline humble. But in the lead-up to Game 7, he did remind people on Wednesday that he has more than a little relevant experience.

I take great pride in accomplishing great things. You know, a gold medal in the Olympics, a gold medal in the World Championships is very, very special. But it's hard to compare, it's hard to put one above the other when you talk about an NBA Championship. It's just so hard to win at this level, it really is. And I feel very fortunate that I had a chance to fight for different championships and win different ones, too.

Tomorrow is just another great opportunity to continue to accomplishing great things, and that's why I want to give my best, as I always have at this point. At this point in my career, I think I have a good maturity level and wisdom to approach this the right way.