The Mystery of Elliot Williams

When Memphis point guard Elliot Williams didn't show up at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago, the rumors began swirling.

Has a team already promised to draft him? Or is there another issue? According to one rumor in circulation, a knee injury Williams suffered in a Spurs workout just before the combine might be more serious than first believed.

I spoke with Williams' agent Thad Foucher today in an attempt to get to the bottom of this. With so little information out there, most of the teams are working on rumor and innuendo at the moment.

Foucher said both the prevailing rumors were untrue, saying there is no promise and no serious injury.

Foucher described the Williams injury in San Antonio as a knee-to-knee collision and said that it wouldn't require surgery. According to Foucher, Williams has been rehabbing in Los Angeles for the past few weeks and recently began working out again. Foucher said he didn't know exactly when Williams would be totally healthy, but he expects that he'll be ready by the Summer League in mid-July.

According to Foucher, Williams has worked out recently for Portland, Boston and Houston. Foucher said that Williams just completed a physical and that he was sending the results to all 30 teams in the league prior to the draft.

While all of this could certainly be "agent spin" by Foucher, these are the clearest statements we've received on Williams so far.

Sources say that of the teams that have worked out Williams, the Blazers are the most likely to take him. The question is where? They could get him with the No. 22 pick or they could take a gamble and hope he's on the board with the No. 34 pick.