This Year, Top Draft Picks Are Ready to Mix It Up

The last few years, a lot of top players haven't been willing to work out against each other. Then Gerald Green's agent arranged for him to work out alone, and he went from the high lottery all the way to Boston at #17. Maybe that's part of the reason that the tide seems to be turning, at least for perimeter players.

The Blazers have a workout scheduled on June 15 for Adam Morrison, Brandon Roy, Rudy Gaye, and Randy Foye.

Fantastic stuff. John Canzano reports on the mindset of the players that led to such an arrangement:

I spoke with Morrison's agent, Mark Bartelstein, yesterday.

Said Bartelstein: "I don't think it really matters in (Adam's) mind who else is going to be working out, he's going to do the very best he can. I think his body of work speaks for itself.

"He's not afraid of anybody. He's not looking for anybody. Whoever the Blazers want to bring in, he'll compete against.

"Adam isn't going to lie down for anyone."

A call to Foye's grandmother's house in New Jersey, where Foye grew up and still has a giant plastic bag filled with childhood trophies, resulted in a sermon from his godmother, who said, "Randy will work out anytime, anyplace, anywhere."

Those sound like the kind of players you want to watch.