How to Draft Like Rod Thorn

Rod Thorn and Ed Stefanski have done a pretty incredible job of keeping the Nets competitive, using mediocre picks to nab big contributors like Richard Jefferson, Jason Collins, and Nenad Krstic.

Nets Daily Blog is working on the theory that Thorn and Stefanski have a formula of sorts for selecting players. And it goes like this:

(1) Draft a junior or senior.
(2) The player selected should have above-average height for his position.
(3) The player should have a reputation for playing strong defense
(4) The player should be able to hit a mid-range jump shot frequently
(5) The player should be a good passer regardless of position.
(6) The player doesn’t have to come from a top-20 program, but definitely must come from a Div. 1-A school that plays in a strong conference.
(7) The player shouldn’t be a nut job or have a criminal record.

If you apply that formula to this year's draft, you can expect the Nets to draft:

Hilton Armstrong
Josh Boone
Ronnie Brewer
Rod Carney
Mardy Collins
Quincy Douby
Thabo Sefolosha

Great bit of blogging. Read the whole thing.