Friday Bullets

  • Matt McHale of By the Horns: "Look, I was a big fan of Kirk Hinrich. I liked the utility he provided. I liked the way he could play in both guard spots, the way he could defend three positions, the way he never backed down and did what he was told with few complaints (the occasional sour look notwithstanding). But let’s face it: Expunging his salary opens up a lot of amazing possibilities for the Bulls. Many things will have to happen before it’s all said and done -- two big-namers must agree to sign, and management will have to fill out the roster with a couple shooters and a few capable backups -- but the Bull could become championship contenders by as early as … next season."

  • For Washington sports fans, believing isn't easy.

  • Ernie Grunfeld says now that in the room with the pingpong balls, when he heard his team had won the top overall pick, "I said 'wow, I can't believe the Wizards are going get John Wall.'" In point of fact, what he actually said, in that room that night, when asked if he'd pick Wall, was: "We're not going to talk about that. There are some good players out there." Who cares, though. Grunfeld's happy enough that he ended his press conference with a little John Wall dance of his own.

  • An amazing account of the bizarro night in Portland, where black shirts were taken not as team colors, but mourning for a fired general manager.

  • Important. Very important. How Craig Sager became such a snappy dresser. The Monkees are involved.

  • M. Haubs of the Painted Area did not like Minnesota's draft night: "Wes Johnson is the El Busto of the evening to me. Statistically, his closest similarity is J.R. Giddens. Have to take Cousins there, he's too talented. I know that that's a lot of defensively-challenged bigs, but make a deal for a better wing than Johnson. I do like Nemanja Bjelica's upside; maybe Tony Ronzone should make all the picks.

  • A sign of the times for the Bobcats.

  • Underwhelmed with Ekpe Udoh in Golden State.

  • Dominique Jones by the numbers: Fast as Monta Ellis, but 6-5. Think about that.

  • You don't use the top of your head to grab a rebound. So, when measuring height, what matters more -- the height of the top of your head, or the height of your hands when held straight up in the air? Length or height? My brain says length is far more important, but these fancy charts say my brain is wrong. (UPDATE: I have had far too little sleep, and misread this. In fact, it's a comparison of height compared to the highest point one can reach jumping. Not standing reach.)

  • In addition to the rights to Al-Farouq Aminu and Eric Bledsoe, the Clippers nabbed just enough cap space to sign a max player.

  • Hats off to Tim Donahue, on 8 points 9 seconds for an amazing headline about the Pacers' draft night: "A couple of wings and a prayer."

  • Basketbawful with tales of how basketball can be a great thing when your social life gets awkward. "I was a licensed driver with his own car, and damn it, I was rocking a kickass mullet. How could she say no?" Would you believe she said no?

  • Bodog odds favor John Wall over Blake Griffin for rookie of the year. Evan Turner is third. Not in their numbers is Tiago Splitter, who is 100% adult and ought to be at least a candidate.