Five Questions LeBron James needs to ask in weighing Bulls vs. Knicks

There is a school of thought permeating the LeBron James free agency discussion that the Chicago Bulls have the best chance to get him because they have the best supporting cast to surround him with.

Interesting premise, but how does it hold up under scrutiny?

In weighing the relative merits of the Chicago Bulls vs. the New York Knicks, I broke down five pertinent questions in a blog post on the ESPNNewYork site that LeBron needs to ask when he starts receiving visitors Thursday:

-- Will the owner (Jerry Reinsdorf) be willing to spend whatever it takes to surround him with the right type of supporting cast?

-- What do I know about the new coach, Tom Thibodeau?

-- Who is my 3-point shooter?

-- Can Derrick Rose play off the ball?

-- Can the Bulls improve themselves in the summer of 2011 as much as the Knicks can?

Go ahead, click over and see the answers.

And then ask yourself this: What kind of a supporting cast would James have in Miami if he chooses to join Wade there? Aside from Wade, you know how many players they have under contract for next season? Two (Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers).

Just a little food for thought for y'all to chew on until, and after, 12:01 a.m. ET arrives Thursday.