A tough meeting to schedule

There will be some much-discussed meetings going on in Ohio later this week. As the reports go, a series of team executives will swing through to make their pitches to LeBron James.

Setting up any meeting with all those bigwigs (owners, GMs, LeBron James) would take a fleet of assistants. Setting up several of them ... that's almost like planning a wedding. I can only imagine how much coordination is involved.

Only consider one hugely important fact: Per NBA rules, none of it can be planned in advance. LeBron James is under contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers until July 1. NBA teams can not reach out to him before then, not even to schedule meetings.

Of course, there are back channels, and I'm sure there is no real harm in letting this or that team know what time and where they should be ready.

But it's worth noting that officially, the first contact the Knicks, Bulls, Nets, Heat and the like will have with anyone from the James camp will be Thursday, the very day many of them are hoping to meet with him. In several NBA cities, I'd imagine the people in charge of logistics are having a very stressful week.