Brandon Roy: This Year's Chris Paul

Sam Smith reports that he has heard that the Bulls are strongly considering Brandon Roy.

"Roy is this year's Chris Paul if he starts," one general manager said last week. "When it's all said and done, he's the rookie of the year. He doesn't quite have NBA three-point range yet, but he's got everything else and is ready to go."

Why would someone be leeking to Sam Smith that the Bulls want Roy?

One notion that just crossed my mind: Chicago must be in a bind here. This draft does not have a clear first or second pick. And a pick that high is really best used by teams that are dead set on the guy. Maybe some GM can really picture LaMarcus Aldridge, Adam Morrison, Andrea Bargnani, or someone else leading the team to their next title. That's the kind of guy you aim to get with a draft like this.

But no one really knows what Toronto is going to do with the first pick. Either the Bargnani theatrics are heartfelt, or they are theatrics, and we won't really know until draft day.

So if Chicago is in love with the guy--whoever that is--they might not be able to get him. And what if they're not in love with any of the other top players? There are question marks about all of them. (Reference the Tyrus Thomas conundrum) and the only sure things around they might be able to get with a slightly lower pick.

Wouldn't you rather be picking a little lower and get something else for your high pick?

So why would someone from the Bulls reportedly be telling Sam Smith that the Bulls have their eye on Roy? My thought is that when you want to trade down from a high pick, like John Nash of the Blazers did last summer, you pick your two or three most likely trading partners, and then you tell the media that you are in love with the players those teams want. Translation: if you want to be sure you'll get your guy, you better make sure you trade for our pick.

The Bulls know Roy is on a lot of wish lists, and by floating that name, they might increase the pool of suitors for their second pick.

Or, the other option is that the Bulls really are considering drafting Roy second overall. That's higher than he is on anybody's draft boards right now, but he's a rarity among the top prospects in that he's reportedly NBA-ready at both ends of the floor. The more the decision makers mull that over, the better Roy is going to look.