Ira Winderman: Wade Feeling Better, Shaquille O'Neal's Body Fat

Just a few of the many pearls of wisdom from the Sun-Sentinel writer:

--Dwyane Wade said he is moving past the flu that limited him in Friday's series-ending Game 6 victory over Detroit in the Eastern Conference finals. "I’m still getting my strength back," he said. "Today was a good day, coming in here and getting a sweat, getting the cold out of me some. By the time we play Thursday, I should be fine."
--Wade said he spoke to Michael Jordan before the Detroit series. After the series, he said LeBron James called and said, "you’ve got one more so don’t let anybody get too overconfident."
--Center Shaquille O'Neal said when coach Pat Riley asked him at midseason to get his body fat below 12 percent, from upwards of 14 percent, he checked with a few unique friends. "My wrestling buddies," he said. "And I asked them what they were, and they were actually under that. I called Undertaker and big guys like that. If they could do it, I could do it."