Bucks fishing for Salmons

The Milwaukee Bucks are making progress on a deal that would bring back free agent John Salmons, a source close to the process told ESPN.com.

While the source stressed that the two sides have yet to reach a verbal agreement and are still discussing parameters, they believe they have a chance of closing a deal on Thursday.

Salmons exercised a player opt-out on his contract last week. The Bucks responded by making deals for Corey Maggette and Chris Douglas-Roberts on draft day. It was widely assumed that the two deals were a signal that the team was moving on.

However, this development suggests that the Bucks remain serious about putting together a team that could make another serious run at the playoffs. The Bucks were a sixth seed in the Eastern Conference last season despite losing center Andrew Bogut to a season-ending injury. The combination of Bogut, Brandon Jennings, Maggette and Salmons would put them in an even stronger position next season.

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