Christian Science Monitor: The NBA is Back

The last time the NBA was getting this much good press Michael Jordan was considered a young player.

Here's a quote from Daniel B. Wood's article in today's Christian Science Monitor (which gets bonus points for quoting on of my favorite NBA writers, Roland Lazenby):

"I think this is a really important time in basketball history. We are starting to see the appreciation for the multiskilled player like the early days of Bob Cousy or the [Larry] Bird/Magic [Johnson] years of the [19]80s," says Peter Roby, director of the Center for the Study of Sports in Society at Boston's Northeastern University. "We are moving back to what the game is supposed to be about ... making teammates better, playing both ends of the court, creating opportunities to score, passing, rebounding, doing it all. The pendulum is swinging back."

Thanks to Lori for the link.