Congratulations Steve Weinman

The TrueHoop Network's D-League blogger Steve Weinman, is becoming a full-time employee of the NBA, where he was once an intern. He writes:

I have received and accepted a full-time job offer with the National Basketball Association’s league office, which will necessitate my departing from my current role as lead author in this space. The short-short version is this: For the next year, I will be doing a little bit of everything as I rotate through several departments, and what the future holds thereafter remains to be seen. It won’t necessarily be a writing-centric job, though I won’t be opposed if my byline continues to pop up on occasion. I’m thrilled and grateful to have this opportunity, and I’m excited about what looks to be an excellent experience going forward.

That's a great free agent signing. I have gotten to know Steve working alongside him as a journalist (at the All-Star game in Dallas, the draft in New York, etc.), as someone who reads his work every day, and most importantly as someone who asked (begged?) him to guard the other teams' best player in pick-up basketball. In every role, the man is very smart and unbelievably dogged in getting things done. He simply won't fail for lack of effort, which probably means he won't fail, period.

I'd also like to thank Steve for contributing to the TrueHoop Network's good run: A year and a few months into the network's existence, in a bad economy, Weinman is now working for the NBA, Kurt Helin of Forum Blue and Gold is at NBC, Zach McCann of Orlando Magic Daily works for the Orlando Sentinel, Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm is at CBS, and a former Hardwood Paroxysm contributor, Trey Kerby, is blogging for Yahoo.