Miami Herald Tells Both Sides of The Story

Miami Herald columnist Dan Le Batard:

Miami may be down, 2-0, in this best-of-seven series for the NBA throne, but that just makes the climb from here more interesting and more fun... Heat Coach Pat Riley lost, 148-114, in The Finals once in Boston. Came back to win the title. O'Neal lost 120-87 in Indiana. Came back to win the championship. Heck, Heat guard Gary Payton once beat Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls 107-86 in the NBA Finals. A lot of good it did him. Jordan still held up the trophy at the end.

Miami Herald columnist Greg Cote:

If your heart is riding with the Miami Heat's championship hopes in these NBA Finals, this would be absolutely the perfect time to panic, as a matter of fact.

Pretend otherwise, if you are still able. Wish it. Pray for it. Try with all your might to believe losing both games in Dallas is the natural course of things, expected and hardly insurmountable. Hum We shall overcome if it gives you strength. Trust that the return to Miami and all the ''White Hot'' stuff will conjure magic, instantly reverse fortunes and make everything OK.

Then consider an unfortunate little thing called reality.