Remember Stan Van Gundy?

The coach tells Andy Gray of SI.com that he's loving life with his family:

"I'm doing great. I really mean that. And the people I see on a regular basis, around my neighborhood and my kid's activities would vouch for that. Don't worry about me."

He also gets in some nice digs at what's going on in the NCAA these days:

"The people in the college game who have lost their way are the administrators," Van Gundy says. "They give a lot of lip service to developing student athletes and leaders and things like that, but I don't think their decisions reflect that in any way. By and large, it's about money and winning games, particularly at the Division I level."

Does anyone dispute that the NCAA cares more about profits than developing "student athletes?" Dick Vitale doesn't count. I can't think of anyone who's making that case, although I'm sure there must be people.