Adam Morrison vs. Rudy Gay vs. Brandon Roy vs. Hassan Adams

Unless something changes, this will the most talent anyone has in the gym at one time during this year's run up to the draft. Three lottery locks, and a solid player in Adams, duked it out in a private workout at the Blazers' practice facility in suburban Portland.

A lot of people are ready to crown Adam Morrison the king of this draft. He's #1 overall in more and more mock drafts. In Portland, there's a "Draft the 'Stache" campaign underway. Columnist John Canzano is on baord. Many fans want the team to trade up to make certain he's available.

Me? I'd honestly rather have Brandon Roy, because he contributes every second, at both ends of the floor. Adam Morrison has tremendous spirit and skills, but I have a bad feeling Morrison will always be a defensive liability at this level.

Gay, on the other hand, has been an outlier. Everyone has questions about his desire, after watching his passionless play, and at times disappearing act during his college years.

Well, guess what happened.

Jason Quick was there, peeking through some blinds, and this is what he saw:

My opinion, and granted, I'm just a beat reporter and not a talent evaluator: Rudy Gay outplayed Morrison.

The most striking facet of the workout was Gay's ability to drive past Morrison. Twice this resulted in thunderous dunks by Gay. Morrison also had his shot blocked multiple times by Gay...

Everybody knows that Morrison's defense will be a concern, and I think today's workout confirmed those questions. Morrison always appeared a step slow. That being said, I thought Morrison - and everyone for that matter - competed at a very high level. It wasn't like any one of the four was scoring at will.

He also adds this:

Brandon Roy in these drills showed great accuracy from 15 feet, hitting about 8 of 10 shots. Again, very pretty shot. During the competitive portion of the workout, I noticed that Roy had trouble finishing at the rim, but he also had some nice passes to Morrison after penetrating.

And this:

In summary: I thought Gay outplayed Morrison, and that Roy was as advertised - not great at anything, but solid at everything.

I'm not sure how much this workout will go in determining the Blazers draft decision. I think they are high on Morrison, but I think they are unsure if he will be there at No. 4. I know this, however: Gay had to improve his standing on the Blazers' draft board.

He writes plenty more. Worth reading the whole thing.