The Daily Fix and Dan LeBatard

The Daily Fix is a good little (password protected) daily update on sports from The Wall Street Journal. Usually, it's light on opinion from the authors Carl Bialik and Jason Fry, but this is the NBA Finals involving the Miami Heat. That means everyone is spending lots of time reading Miami columnists like Dan Le Batard and Ira Winderman. Those two guys might lead the league in one particular trait. I'll let Bialik and Fry take it from here:

In the Miami Herald, Dan Le Batard waxes lyrical about the sounds of silence: "Quiet. That's what the Heat seek tonight. Peaceful, unadorned quiet. Not applause. Not help or support. Not electricity. That would all come in the parade following a victory. No, tonight they want a packed sports arena to have all the ambience of a library. Quiet on top of quiet in the quietest Texas you've ever never heard. A quiet so complete and profound that all of the broken Dallas Mavericks and their sad fans will be able to hear the tiny pockets of championship celebration from a hugging huddle of Heat players at the stunned center of their dismay."

While we're at it, a Fix memo to sports columnists nationwide.

Enough of the single-sentence paragraphs.

They're annoying.

They don't create tension.

They don't amplify drama.

All they do is irritate readers.

Look at the Le Batard column.

We compressed the single lines into one paragraph.

Works just as well, doesn't it?

Works better than this, right?

Thank you.