John Paxson on Adam Morrison and Rudy Gay

Marlen Garcia of the Chicago Tribune quotes Chicago's Paxson saying Morrison's defense need not be a tragedy, and... big news for Portland fans who want him to play alongside apparent shooting guard Martell Webster... Paxson says Morrison might turn out to be a shooting guard.

He also does a good job of keeping everyone guessing by praising all of the top picks: Tyrus Thomas, LaMarcus Aldridge, Andrea Bargnani, and Brandon Roy. Here he is on Morrison:

"It's not like he's a stiff athletically," Paxson said. "He moves around the floor real well. I wasn't the most gifted athletically. I figured out how to defend over 11 years in the NBA."

Morrison took a risk by working out here Monday with other highly rated small forwards—Gay from Connecticut and Rodney Carney from Memphis. It worked in his favor.

"I loved his comment—he said he knows he's going to be playing against the best of the best when he gets to the league so why not work out against the best in this draft," Paxson said. "That's about as good a comment as you can hear."

Moving from small forward to shooting guard could be in Morrison's future, Paxson said. He also seemed satisfied with Morrison's management of diabetes.

Rudy Gay: No one questions Gay's talent and athleticism, but there are doubts about his desire because of ebb and flow, for which the 6-8 small forward has an explanation. He has said he deferred to a team concept for a talented Connecticut team. Paxson agreed with Gay's assessment and added: "You talk about a talent in this draft. He's as talented as they are."