Pau Gasol ain't no Roger Federer

Tom Friend has written a splendid article about Pau Gasol's longstanding attachment to the medical profession. Gasol actually still has a place waiting for him in Barcelona, where he left medical school after a year to dedicate his time to basketball. The whole thing is really a must-read, and something like it will be told in video this Sunday on Outside the Lines.

As you'll see in the video below, a pivotal part in the narrative is Gasol's observing spinal surgery on 13-year-old Isabelle Shattuck.

Her mother Lisa remembers her reaction when she asked if was OK that Gasol observe Isabelle's surgery.

Lisa had never heard of Pau Gasol, and told Friend: "Maybe if he'd have said Roger Federer was coming, I'd have said, 'Oh Lord' -- I probably would've had a hot flash right there and then."