Sean May is Ready to Lose

Already in the expansion mindset.

Q: The prospect of playing with your former teammate at UNC, Raymond Felton, what do you think that will do for your career and how will it help your adjustment?
May: It will help me a lot because it will give me someone right away that I can trust and who is also going through this process. I'm going to need someone to lean on. Times aren't always going to be good, so we can reflect off of each other and build our relationship that way. We already have a great relationship, which you know by watching us when we played the last three years. The way we play together " you don't really see that amongst a point guard and another big man, so for me to get the opportunity to do that again, to get some of those passes from Ray, to get me going and help start my career off is going to be tremendous.

Q: Looking at the Bobcats' roster, they have a great young foundation what are you looking for and how do you think you'll complement Emeka Okafor?
May: I think when you look at the roster Gerald Wallace is really good. You have Emeka, he's really good. The thing with me and Emeka, I think you can play us both at the same time because he's that big and that strong. So he can play 5 and I can play 4. And I think the thing that the Bobcats really like about it, is that they weren't really good last year rebounding and you put two guys like that who love to rebound, that's what they pride themselves on, it looks like a great fit. And then you have a little speedy point guard in the background, then things could work out great.

By the way, did you notice that Bernie Bickerstaff looked cranky on TV this evening? I don't think this draft went the way he wanted it to. NCAA stooge Dick Vitale, meanwhile, says Charlotte gets an A+ and won the draft.