Wednesday Bullets

  • Ben Polk of a Wolf Among Wolves: "Kevin Love tends to draw the kind of praise that we’ve come to understand as racially coded cliches. In the Worlds, Fran Fraschilla (who I should say right out front is a terrific analyst who understands the hell out of international basketball) busted out the full complement: Love is 'your perfect teammate,' he is 'smart' and 'hardworking' and 'unselfish.' These make him sound just like an unathletic, Big Ten white dude and I confess that they are part of the reason that I was a little disappointed when the Wolves picked him up. I mean, weren’t you just sick to death of hearing about how great an outlet passer this guy was? As it happens, Love actually is an unselfish, hardworking, intelligent player."

  • Anatomy of Spain's underperformance.

  • Can you imagine a draft where one team drafted 10 players from another team's roster? Is that a draft at all? It happened, in the D-League.

  • Mike Schmitz of Valley of the Suns has been scouting new Sun Hedo Turkoglu as he suits up for the host country at the World Championship. Turkey is undefeated, but ... "Turkoglu is shooting 23.5 percent against mostly non-NBA talent and hasn’t looked like he’s in the greatest shape in the world. Suns fans should hope this isn’t the Hedo they’ll be getting."

  • Tom Sunnergren of Philadunkia on what Rod Thorn brings to the Sixers: "A few weeks before the Sixers held their press conference announcing Rod Thorn would be taking over as team president, Paul Krugman wrote an interesting critique of Obama’s economic policy for The New York Times. Here was the thrust: Krugman was rankled that the administration hadn’t injected additional -- and, in his estimation, needed -- stimulus funds into the economy, but was especially rankled by their reason for not doing so. According to Krugman, they stood pat not because they thought additional stimulus was unnecessary -- they thought it was very necessary -- but because they thought it would be politically unpopular to add to the deficit. Krugman argued that this calculation was cynical, cowardly, and self-interested, but even more damning; it was stupid. What counts in electoral politics, what gets votes, he said, isn’t how people feel about an individual piece of economic legislation, but whether or not that legislation works. Everything else is noise. Find what works and do it, he implored the administration, the rest will follow. He was convinced though that his plea was falling on deaf ears. This is a tidy analogy for the Sixers hiring of Rod Thorn. The buzzword after the announcement was 'credibility,' as in, 'Rod Thorn lends the organization some much needed credibility,' or 'the hiring went a long way towards solving the Sixers’ credibility deficit.' From all indications, the buzz was and is accurate. The Sixers hired Rod Thorn because he brought credibility. Because it was popular."

  • Losing hurts. And Doc Rivers hopes it will keep hurting until death.

  • Would you trade Brook Lopez for Carmelo Anthony? Nets are Scorching's Evan Kaplan: "Under no circumstances should Brook Lopez be traded. There are other young, talented players on the roster that can be dealt to acquire Carmelo. Even if you are getting one of the top five players in the NBA in return, you just do not trade a 22-year old center that is already a proven commodity. Having Lopez on the roster for the next 10 years would be a major factor in convincing Anthony to sign a long-term contract with the Nets. Carmelo is a great player but he knows he can’t win a title by himself. The Nets could replace Derrick Favors, Terrence Williams or even Devin Harris. But there is no replacing a young, burgeoning center that will anchor the post for the next decade."

  • D.J. Foster of ClipperBlog is wondering about the very same thing. Would you trade Blake Griffin for Carmelo Anthony? Umm ... "Blake Griffin is untouchable. He’s not going anywhere."

  • I don't know if you've seen this story about Twitter, casinos and Michael Jordan's son. Two thoughts: Someone once told me that as a parent, every second you're being an example for your kids, and that will overwhelm anything else you teach them. In other words saying "don't hang around in casinos" is a far weaker message than being a parent and hanging around in casinos, which tells your kids to do just that. In other words, example is a parent's strongest kind of leadership. Food for thought. Also, realize that without Twitter we know none of this, and I can imagine no starker evidence that the media landscape has changed. What the father did routinely the son causes a stink with before even getting out of college.

  • If Daryl Morey ever needs to apply for a job as a Russian mobster, this is the photo he should submit with his application.

  • Derek Fisher as a motivational speaker.