The winner is the hero

Ethan Sherwood Strauss of WarriorsWorld:

Sportswriters love to psychoanalyze players to a degree that borders on egregious. They write reams of the stuff, most analysis is a shortened thesis on how a man’s victory is indicative of his moral virtue.

Example: “World Champion Kevin Humility Durant will supplant LeBron! He wrote 9-11 on his shoes! ON HIS SHOES!”

Or: “Kobe’s selfishness hinders his ability to win. He will never get a ring, sans Kazaam.”

Or: “Kobe won with his killer assassination belly-gutting, throat-stomping, orphan-nuking instinct. He finally gets it. Good father, too. Oh, and the cowardly unselfish LeBron just selfishly switched teams … on the heels of defeat. He might be a witch. We should test him.”