Monday Bullets

  • Wow. Honestly. This is something. You know, of course, the Elton John song "Tiny Dancer." Jeremy Schmidt of Bucksketball has rewritten the words in honor of Bucks' second-round pick Tiny Gallon. Without further ado, "Post-up closer, Tiny Gallon."

  • Etan Thomas co-authors a story about a man on death row in Georgia who sounds like he could use a good lawyer.

  • Shane Battier guarding Kobe Bryant. Why? Because TrueHoop reader Greg and I have been wondering if, on plays when Battier could possibly reach the ball to try to block it, is it still sensible to instead stick that hand in Bryant's face? My best guess is that Battier mixes it up. In similar situations, he does a number of different things, presumably to keep Bryant from getting comfortable. Also, watch how well Battier jumps. He waits for Bryant to take off first, but he still gets up quickly.

  • Rajon Rondo will not let autograph seekers keep him out of the grocery store.

  • If you still insist Dwight Howard has no post game, this video is designed to change your mind.

  • Which player on the current Spurs' roster is most likely to win another title? And when is it time to rebuild? And how about Sidney Moncrief as a comparison for Manu Ginobili?

  • If you're in the business of trying to identify 15-year-olds with NBA potential, so that you can befriend them and exploit them, it's probably well worth your time watching this collection of videos from Basketball Without Borders in Barcelona. There is plenty of young basketball talent on display, not to mention the likes of Jason Terry (who says he intends to win back his Sixth Man of the Year award this season), Marcus Camby, and lots of Marc Gasol smiling in an ill-advised polo shirt. And if you're signing up teenagers, keep an eye on No. 74. He's not so fleet of foot, but he's big, and about four minutes into that second video, he puts in some fantastic effort playing post defense.

  • If the Heat are going to close games without a point guard or a center on the floor -- something Erik Spoelstra has admitted to having considered -- then there will be some funny matchups. You have to start asking things like: Can Rajon Rondo guard Dwyane Wade? Because for the Celtics, the only other real option is to let the Heat's strange lineups force them into benching a key player like Rondo. This is going to be one fascinating X's-and-O's season.

  • Scouting Joakim Noah.

  • There's a certain thing to Philly attitude. What is it, exactly? It's a little tough to pin down, but here, Philadunkia's Tom Sunnergren demonstrates: "Our players aren’t good, we didn’t underachieve last year. We just suck, there’s a difference, and we will under no circumstances be 'much better.'"

  • When LeBron James left Cleveland, one particularly galling element of the whole thing to hardcore Cavs fans was the brief suggestion that he may take Ohio native Jawad Williams with him. Apparently that's not going to happen.

  • They say the future of journalism is going to be entrepreneurial, and the business model of the TrueHoop Network agrees!