Friday Bullets, Pt. II

Joey from Straight Bangin'

(Note: I was slackin' last night and Jeff tried to pick up that slack, unbeknownst to me. Read on...)

With free agents now free to sign contracts, and all kinds of deals percolating (I see you, Clyde Frazier!), it seems like a good time to take a stroll through the internets. Bear with me as I try to get my Henry on...

  • Ben Wallace is officially a Bull, and optimism abounds. One telling quotation from John Paxson that may provide solace for Detroit fans (the emphasis is all me): "In signing Ben, we get one of the best rebounders [10.7 per game career average]. He can still block shots, he's a great team defender. These are the types of things we're trying to build are team around." Getting older sucks, not least of all for players with few offensive skills, small hands, and games predicated on energy.

  • Wasn't it just two summers ago that Paul Pierce's ship was set to be sailing to Portland or some other NBA port so that the Celtics could rebuild without the malcontent? Nothing like a career year, huh? And you know that something with the C's is gonna go down, soon. Too much smoke for there to not be any fire, I think.

  • Stephen A. with more on what's happening with Iverson.

  • I always liked Shammond, FWIW, but that's mostly because my father bleeds Carolina Blue like every other hoops head from Brooklyn.

  • If you're keeping track, LeBron, Dwyane, and Mr. Bosh have signed three-year deals. Melo, of course, got his Clipse on (read: re-upped) for five. Don't worry, though, he "operated" on it first. The cynic would take this moment to say that while the rhetoric about security and appreciation of opportunity plays well with the fans, 'Melo might have gotten some advice that his stock is not as high as that of James and Wade and that his ceiling may not be as high as big-man Bosh.

  • Which free agents won't want to sign when they move?

  • Some kind of statistical evidence that the Lig is committed to offense: Not a single Heat or Mavs player made the NBA's all-defense first or second teams. First time since 1981 that the finalists have "accomplished" that. I hadn't seen this info before (HT: Detroit Bad Boys)

  • Nate Jones runs through the offseason as we know it, so far.

  • I kind of liked Jackie Butler, brief moments of play and all. He's better than Jerome James, and doesn't have that same albatross contract.

  • Is Doug holding his head like that because he can't believe what he's done? MY GOD!