Peter May - An Embarrassment

by Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog.com

I'm not big on being overly harsh towards basketball writers, in particular the beat writers that cover the sport every day. It is a hard, thankless job, and for the most part, they are the lifeline to the news that I cover and I'm thankful for that.

Peter May is the exception. He is the lead basketball writer for one of the country's biggest newspapers (and an occasional writer for ESPN), and he's just not enjoyable to read. He's purposely contrarian, annoyingly negative, and basically just a curmudgeon (without being witty). I lost most of my respect for him when he openly derided Ricky Davis at every turn simply for having the gall to be Ricky Davis. I have tried hard to give May the benefit of the doubt, saying that he's a skilled writer who I don't happen to agree with most times. However, this weekend he crossed the line into the poor writing category.

He wrote an entire article based on a false premise. He had no idea that Paul Pierce had a player option to decline his final year and become a free agent after this year, so he ripped the team for resigning him too early. If you want to know the rest of the details, I'll point you to the fantastic Boston Sports Media Watch, where Bruce (as well as Bill Simmons) points out in great detail what an embarrassment Peter May is to the Boston Globe. Here is an excerpt:

The point here is that the lead NBA writer for the largest and most influential newspaper in the region had no idea about a very important contract clause for a player that he covers which many casual fans were aware of. Further, no one on Morrissey Blvd caught this mistake, either.

If you are looking for good Celtics coverage, I'd point you to Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald.