The Celtics dump local hero Tony Gaffney

Back during the NBA Finals, we got to see that benchwarming Celtic Tony Gaffney loved his team probably more than any other NBA player.

He grew up in a room with parquet floor, for crying out loud. When he woke up in the morning, one of the first things he'd see every day was a pair of John Havlicek's shoes.

But when the Celtics signed Gaffney before the playoffs, he was injured. Through his rehab his sights were focused on the fall when, if all went well, he'd get both some real NBA burn in Celtic green, and his contract guaranteed for the season.

Alas, neither is to happen. With his contract decision looming, and a very full training camp roster, the Celtics released Gaffney over the weekend.

Gaffney has signed a contract to play the upcoming season for the Turk Telekom team in Ankara, Turkey. It's a good opportunity for him to get some court time as a professional, while earning some money and keeping his options open for next season.

But it's not the same as playing for the Celtics.