Pacers Trade Anthony Johnson for Marquis Daniels' Mentor

Anthony Johnson, who played so well for Indiana during last year's playoffs, is going to Dallas for Darrell Armstrong, Rawle Marshall, and Josh Powell. The latter two will be NBA sophomores, who have played sparingly but with promising flashes.

The Associated Press reports that Armstrong was influence by wanting to stick with his understudy, Daniels, who joined the Pacers earlier. Seems like you almost never hear stories about buddies like that in the NBA:

Armstrong played much of last season with a torn rotator cuff. His biggest contribution, though, was as a locker room leader. Among the players he mentored was Marquis Daniels, who was traded by Dallas to Indiana for Austin Croshere earlier this month.

Glenn Schwartzman, Armstrong's agent, said Daniels' move helped Armstrong, an unrestricted free agent, agree to go to the Pacers.

"I think Marquis going there certainly was a factor," Schwartzman said. "But Darrell's decision was about what was best for Darrell and his family."