Meet the Crayola Ayatollah

Chris AndersenGarrett Ellwood/NBAE/Getty Images

Denver big man Chris Andersen's new neck tattoo has chins wagging.

On The Score, commenter Nathan says: "It looks like he’s being choked to death by a psychedelic painting."

On Yahoo, a commenter called The Devil writes: "I've never seen a neck tattoo that didn't make me immediately think its owner was both a moron and a degenerate. And I generally like tattoos."

R L responds: "Eat their brains Birdaman [sic]. Eat their brains."

What matters today, however, is that Andersen still has that tattoo, and now, thanks to Garbage Time All-Stars, he has more things to call it. Some ideas from Josh:

  • Crayola Ayatollah

  • Graffiti Neck

  • Rainbow Connection

  • Human Coloring Book

  • How does my neck taste?