Congratulations, Zach Lowe

TrueHoop Network bloggers are amazing at writing about basketball, and every bit as good at getting sports media jobs in a tough economy.

I may well be forgetting people, but just a year-and-a-half into the network's life, off the top of my head the count is roughly:

  • Forum Blue and Gold's Kurt Helin works full-time running NBC's basketball blog.

  • Zach McCann blogged about the Magic for the network and now writes about them full-time for the Orlando Sentinel.

  • Matt Moore is still running Hardwood Paroxysm, even as he works full-time basketball blogging for CBS.

  • Royce Young is our Daily Thunder blogger, but he too works with Moore at CBS.

  • Steve Weinman founded the TrueHoop Network's D-League blog, but handed it over when he got a full-time job at the NBA.

  • D.J. Foster contributed some great stuff to ClipperBlog before working freelance for ESPNLosAngeles and now full-time for the Clippers.

  • Trey Kerby contributed to Hardwood Paroxysm and has run Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie and now works for the Basketball Jones in Canada.

  • Rasheed Malek and Lucena Herrera, WarriorsWorld contributors, recently announced that they have secured television work for Comcast Bay Area.

To that list, we can now add Zach Lowe. He was one heck of a contributor to CelticsHub last season. He pulled off the tough double of being both incredibly analytical and straightforward. Anyone can get smarter reading a guy like that. He also managed to do that day in and day out despite having a full-time job writing about the law and finance.

A job that he recently quit, to take up a new one as a full-time basketball blogger for Sports Illustrated, running their new blog, "The Point Forward."

Congratulations and well-deserved.

At CelticsHub they're sending Zach off in style (and accepting applications for bloggers to replace him):

You’ve heard of five-tool baseball players? Zach Lowe is a five-tool blogger. The video analysis, advanced stat crunching, detailed recaps, tremendous features, humorous anecdotes, Zach did it all for CH, and for you the readers and he did very well...

... So while it’s exciting to see Zach start his new gig, his departure creates quite the challenge for us here at CelticsHub in attempting to replace his contributions. Easier said than done. I’m not even sure anyone is capable of filling those shoes. Yet, Brendan and I remain committed to bringing you the top-notch Celtics news and analysis you have come to expect from us here at CH. Which brings us to our big question.

Are you interested in writing about the Celtics? If you have the time as well as the passion for the C’s and the NBA, please get in touch with us at CelticsHub@gmail.com. Here’ some information we will be looking for in any application.

  • Name

  • Age/Location

  • Writing Background (If any)

  • Explanation of why you would be a good fit for CelticsHub (Advanced stats knowledge a big plus)

  • Writing Sample(s)

  • Any other information you think we should know