Andy Katz Previews the Team USA Travel Squad

15 will be announced later today as those who will travel to Asia. Only 12 will play in the World Championships.

Katz says Shawn Marion is a bit gimpy, and adds that Luke Ridnour and Adam Morrison are likelty to the others at camp who won't make the trip. The traveling 15, Katz deduces, will therefore be:

Carmelo Anthony, Gilbert Arenas, Shane Battier, Chris Bosh, Bruce Bowen, Elton Brand, Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Antawn Jamison, Joe Johnson, Brad Miller, Chris Paul, Amare Stoudemire, Dwyane Wade and Kirk Hinrich. The coaching staff will meet Tuesday morning before the news conference to make the final call. Ridnour looks to lose out to Chicago's Hinrich, and Morrison is up against veteran options.

Morrison's coach at Gonzaga, Mark Few, was in attendance and said the forward knew going in he would have a hard time making the squad.

Ridnour told ESPN.com that while he hadn't been told he definitely wouldn't be going to Asia, he anticipates he'll receive the news.

"I'm here for the experience, and if it doesn't happen this summer then I've got two more years,'' Ridnour said. "When they called me during the season they told me that there were a lot of veterans and it would be tough to make it. But I've got a bright future, and I'm excited about it.''

Three of those players still fave the axe for this year's team. I'd imagine anyone who gets injured in the next few days would top that list.