Wednesday Bullets

  • On June 20 Greg Cote of the Miami Herald wrote: "Cuban then turned to Stern and other NBA officials who were seated at the scorer's table and was overheard to shout venomously in the jubilant din, `[Bleep] you! [Bleep] you! Your league is rigged!''' Perhaps you recall it made a little news at the time, but was widely refuted by Cuban, Stern, and others. Dallas Mavericks blog From the Scene quotes Cote today coming clean about his source: "Someone near the scorer's table who said he heard Cuban say what I quoted him saying passed the information to someone I trust who informed me. My source in turn trusted the person who reported hearing it." From the Scene's MMosley sums it up: "If you're thinking of getting into journalism (and I'm in no way recommending this), this is a prime example of what not to do."

  • A good reason for NBA players to be obsessive about their golf swings: if you hook or slice badly, you can hurt someone. A man in Miami says Jamal Mashburn's errant shot from the 18th detached his retina, and Mashburn, he claims, didn't even yell "fore." One thing that distinguishes this from most cases of "let's sue the rich NBA player and see if we get lucky" is that according to this report, the man is reportedly only seeking an amount in "excess of $15,000." SLAM's Lang Whitaker, a golfer himself, says balls almost hit people without anyone saying "fore" when he's golfing all the time. Note to self, don't golf with Lang.

  • David Thorpe on Killer Crossover, talking about Team USA, his input to Udonis Haslem in the NBA Finals, and more.

  • FreeDarko on Chad Ford's questioning of the recent trade history of the Phoenix Suns.

  • The Sneaker War coverage is really heating up from all angles. Michael McCann with more legal perspectives. By the way, McCann's in a club called "former attorneys of Maurice Clarett" that just got two new members.

  • Some J.R. Smith highlights. Some Kobe Bryant lowlights.

  • Bruce Bowen's good attitude, as described by Lynn Zinser of the New York Times: "After a hard practice Monday, Bowen had his shoes off and bags of ice shrink-wrapped to his knees when some children talked him into playing with them. So there he was, shoeless and wrapped in ice, chasing balls and laughing with three boys."

  • That photo from yesterday that might have been William Wesley? All sorts of confirmation from people who were there that he was, in fact, there in Las Vegas and that was in fact him in the photo. Here's another one.

  • Sign and trade will be tough for Bonzi Wells. Here's Sam Amick: "While Wells' agent, William Phillips, has said he and the Kings will discuss sign-and-trade options, the notion is unlikely if the Kings are to stay under the luxury tax threshold of $65.42 million. They are above $60 million in salary and have said repeatedly that they would rather stay under the tax, which adds an extra dollar for every dollar spent above the threshold." Same article also says Sergei Monia is going back to Europe.

  • Rick Kamla called several Blazer summer league games, and says Brandon Roy will probably be Rookie of the Year.

  • Oh, if I were in Seattle, I would be going to this comedy club to the guy from Digital Underground doing standup, followed by the guy from SupersonicSoul speaking on the topic "why the Supersonics are more important than homeless shelters."

  • Jerry West says he has never been happier with a draft than this one, when he got Rudy Gay, Kyle Lowry, and Alexander Johnson. He drafted Kobe Bryant, remember.

  • Mike Barrett on Jarrett Jack's ankle: "In the 2005 ACC Tournament Jack injured his ankle, and then played his first NBA season basically on one leg. Earlier this summer he had surgery on that ankle. Doctors were amazed with what they found during the surgery. Medina told us that doctors said 85 percent of the tissue in Jarrett's ankle was 'unhealthy tissue' and they wondered how he was able to play at all. The ankle isn't 100 percent yet, but Jack says it's getting there. Just this week he was cleared to play full-court hoops."

  • Charley Rosen on the Henry "Dutch" Denhert's invention of pivot play: "I volunteered to stay in front of the standing guard with my back to the basket," Dehnert said, "so that he couldn't break up our passes. We tried this a few times, and it worked. My teammates would pass to me, and I would give it right back to them. Then in an effort to bat the ball out of my hand, the standing guard moved around to my right side. All I had to do was turn to my left, take one step and lay the ball in. Of course, we didn't know it at the time, but this was the first pivot play."

  • NPR on Team USA. Play this to your friends and family members who need a primer.

  • The NBA is promoting an event this weekend at South Street Seaport in New York starring some NBA players (Channing Frye, Walt Frazier, Antoine Wright) and some musicians, especially a band called Elvis White. Who is Elvis White? A band from the U.S. Virgin Islands that opened for the Fugees in Europe, and for game six of the NBA Finals in Miami, and is apparently pretty savvy about viral marketing. Not only are they promoting the show to bloggers like me, but they have a little promotional documentary about themselves on YouTube. Best of all, evidence they are popular: here's another YouTube video, of some kid lip-synching his own re-mix of Elvis White.