The King of All NBA Golfing Accident Stories

News of Jamal Mashburn's alleged golfing accident reminded of what has to be the greatest story of NBA golfing accidents, which stars my friend George, who tells it by e-mail like this:

I was playing golf with my brother in law at his home course, West Hampton Country Club where Dave DeBusschere also played. We were teeing off on the tenth hole when my brother-in-law points out Debush. I am in awe to see this incredible athlete with shocking silver hair putting out. I turn and tee up my ball. I unload my drive and it hits the one telephone pole on the whole golf course just to the left of the tee, ricochets over our heads and hits Debush in the nuts.

We are at this point laughing hysterically while Debush is rolling around the green directly behind us in severe pain. About a year later I am walking down Wall Street to my office and Dave DeBusschere gets out of a limo, walks up to me and my brother-in-law and says to me "why didn't you yell fore?" I can't believe he remembers me and can only mutter, I'm sorry but I did yell "two." He laughs and invites us to lunch later that day. As it turns out he died about two years later in about the same spot he ran into me on Wall Street.