Wednesday Bullets

  • Charles Oakley reportedly told LeBron James not to play for the Knicks.

  • George Karl talks about how cancer has changed his life in the upcoming Men's Journal (where you can also learn why Caron Butler won't ride a stationary bike). Stephen Rodrick asked him about the adventure that most changed his life, and he said coaching Real Madrid in Spain. "My coaching vocabulary," he says "was about 35 words. All along I thought mierda meant 'look at me.'"

  • Jordan Farmar busts out a very sneaky move for preseason. By the way, the guy who was tricked in that video -- Toney Douglas -- is no slouch. In the same game, he had six steals to go with 24 points on a dozen shots.

  • They say this is Michael Jordan's car for sale. It's a 2007, but has less than a thousand miles. If you really want to be like Mike, I guess the thing to do is spend your time looking at, but not driving, nice cars.

  • Xavier Henry makes eggs. The metal fork on the non-stick pan is questionable, but his decision to serve them "burnt side down" was solid.

  • Neat trick: The Bucks' main addition over the offseason was Drew Gooden, and yet they are a popular pick to transform into a powerhouse. I know, I know, there are other reasons -- Andrew Bogut, Scott Skiles, Brandon Jennings -- but still. They didn't win the offseason, and yet the smart money is on big improvement.

  • Rasheed Wallace on video, being Rasheed. A little PG-13, but you knew that.

  • What? Huh? Wearing a mouthguard can make you jump higher and run faster? That's either a total scam, or totally brilliant.

  • At Daily Thunder, Patrick James points out that Thunder fans are as loud as it gets, but they still haven't had the ultimate hoops fan experience: "One of the only great in-arena experiences that Thunder fans have missed out on so far at the I’m-not-letting-go-of-the-Ford Center is a game-winning shot at the horn. We’re just waiting to bust out and go crazy. People will fall over the super-steep rows in Loud City. Screams will ring out. Delirium will reign. Folks will be skipping to their parked cars. It will be great. Jeff Green had one at Golden State during the Thunder’s inaugural season here. Kevin Durant had one his rookie season when the team was still in Seattle, but even that one was on the road. And there certainly have been big shots in the closing minutes of games in Oklahoma City, but I’m talking about a buzzer-going-off-with-the-ball-in-the-air shot. If it happens to be in the playoffs, they’ll probably record another one of those tiny earthquakes that are happening around here, with an epicenter in downtown Oklahoma City. We’re all waiting for it."

  • I'm just throwing this out there: I'm thrilled Glen Davis is Mr. Hilarious, and always has something to say. But maybe, just maybe, he likes the spotlight a little too much.

  • Tom Haberstroh (Insider) says the preseason tells us a little about the Grizzlies: "Sitting at 7-0, Memphis has blitzed opponents by over eight points per contest so far this preseason and looks primed to build on its 40-win season in 2009-10. If they beat the listless Detroit Pistons on Friday night, the Grizzlies would join the 2009-10 Orlando Magic, 2002-03 Pistons and the 2008-09 New Orleans Hornets as the only teams to finish the preseason undefeated over the past nine years. Those three teams won 59, 50 and 49 games respectively."

  • It is not the worst thing to listen to a basketball game on the radio.

  • Hey look, Al-Farouq Aminu made a mistake.