Friday Bullets

  • Click and read the whole thing, before you go all crazy. Ethan Sherwood Strauss and Beckley Mason stir the ol' Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan debate on HoopSpeak. Before saying Bryant was more like John Stockton, Ethan kicks off the whole conversation in style: "When a large, vocal, motivated group loudly espouses a fallacy -- that Kobe Bryant is the greatest player of all time -- conventional wisdom trudges towards the falsehood. Kobe’s aesthetically-pleasing game meets a huge L.A. fanbase, and they beget a roving monster of screeching, fire-breathing, hyperbolic praise. And the monster is scary, so you’d better accept his reality as legitimate -- even if you know better. Opinion arbiters split the difference between shouted myth and quiet truth, so public conception lands somewhere in between. And when that happens, the unabashed sanity-defenders get ridiculed as nuts. It’s why commenters chase after Hollinger with pitchforks and torches. It’s why Pau is called 'Robin' to a less-productive Batman, and how DARE you say otherwise. Well I say otherwise, Becks. Pau’s better. Wade’s better. Bron’s better. I’m not a 'hater,' I just watch games and see stats -- not to mention small fractions like 6/24.That numerator over denominator is indicative of how Bryant is far from dominator. As in: Kobe Bryant is a tiny fraction of what Michael Jordan was."

  • Jason Kidd says he spent much of his summer preparing to shoot out of the pick-and-roll. He has impressively added 3-point shooting to his game late in his career. If he can pull of this next trick that'll really be something.

  • If the NBA is in such dire straits, why would anybody buy a team?

  • It's time for Danny Granger to show that he's a major star, if he is one.

  • Deep thoughts about the NBA are good. Coupled with video clips from Monty Python's "Life of Brian," they're fantastic.

  • When basketball makes you cry. A fantastic read from Jon Weinbach at FreeDarko: "The last time it happened was May 21, 1986. It was a Wednesday night, I wasn’t quite 10, and Ralph Sampson was responsible. The sinewy, 7-foot-4 Virginian torpedoed my beloved Lakers that evening. From our second-level seats of aisle 16 in the corner of The Forum, I had a clear view as Sampson, all socks and ’stache and Pumas, feathered a reverse set-pass into the basket as time expired to give the Rockets a 114-112 win. It was a spasm of volleyball-rific athleticism that would have made Karch Kiraly proud. And it was perfect in its awfulness: The shot beat the buzzer, it bounced tauntingly off the rim before going in, and, of course, it eliminated the Lakers—the defending champs—from the NBA playoffs on their home floor (see 4:35 mark)."

  • So if you fill in for Phil Jackson as coach of the Lakers do you get to use the big chair? Apparently, yes.

  • Tracy McGrady is tired. Already.

  • The making of the Marvel ESPN the Magazine preview issue.

  • Behold the power of Los Angeles: A Clippers game, against the Lakers, has some of the most expensive seats of any single game this season.

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar speaks about building bridges between Jews and Muslims.

  • Bill Laimbeer would throw his jock against the wall, and then ... allegedly ... John Salley had to clean the mess it left behind? Those were the days.

  • Rajon Rondo's jumper, or lack thereof, in video.

  • Rashad Mobley, of Truth About It: "Kevin Seraphin dazzled the few members of the media who were there, with a brief rap in Creole."