Monday Bullets

  • Kobe Bryant has made just five of the 29 3-pointers he has attempted this preseason. That's 17 percent. He's shooting 28 percent from the field overall this preseason (which, as a smarmy e-mailer noted, is an improvement from his six of 24 shooting in the Finals' Game 7). He also has 12 turnovers and 12 fouls to go with just two steals and zero blocks in seven games of preseason. Thoughts about his health.

  • In movie review mode on Twitter, Daryl Morey didn't think "The Social Network" celebrated hard work and smart execution enough.

  • Kevin Love has taken 24 3-pointers in the preseason. And here's the best part: He has made 14 of them. He's among the NBA's very best 3-point shooters and rebounders in the preseason. This is great news for Minnesota. (It would have been amazing news when they still had Al Jefferson, and needed him out of the paint. But what the heck.) Also worth noting: Rudy Fernandez is shooting 3s like crazy. 40 already. And he has made more than half of them.

  • Let's hear it for young multi-talented big men. The NBA has its own kooky individual efficiency stat. By that measure, among those playing at least twenty minutes per game in the preseason, the most productive players in the preseason have been, in order: 1. Kevin Love 2. LeBron James 3. Amare Stoudemire 4. Blake Griffin 5. Dwight Howard 6. Andrew Bogut 7. Carmelo Anthony 8. Vince Carter 9. JaVale McGee and 10. Ryan Anderson. (Who, like Howard and Carter, plays for Orlando, a team that just about never loses in the preseason. Look it up.)

  • And as long as we're messing with stats, Pacer big man Jeff Foster is averaging more assists per minute than Devin Harris, Ty Lawson, Tyreke Evans, Luke Ridnour, Deron Williams, Brandon Jennings, Tony Parker and a zillion other point guards.

  • He's 6-8, he used to play professionally in France, and he wants to know where that lettuce is from.

  • Ryan Gomes has a trick shot to go with his trick hair.

  • Who's on your list of players you're eager to see this season? In addition to a lot of obvious ones, I'm excited to see Brandon Jennings, Linas Kleiza, Kevin Love, DeJuan Blair, Greg Oden, Chris Paul, Ty Lawson and Yao Ming.

  • If you examine this box score, what you'll see is the Denver Nuggets bench scrubs, on the road, just sticking it to the Suns starters. Again, preseason means very little. Right? Also, Steve Nash explains why it's reasonable that some expect his team to miss the playoffs this season.

  • Follow the Celtics, and find yourself asking questions like this: "What will people say when he's averaging four points a game and getting on subways dressed like a woman?"

  • Portland fans have had very high hopes for Jerryd Bayless, and me too -- for the simple reason that he worked and played unbelievably hard. He also got to the line a lot. That's all good. But count Dwight Jaynes out. Now that Bayless has been traded to the Hornets, Jaynes writes: "Man, certain players get on my nerves over time and Bayless was one of those guys. Head down, oblivious to open teammates, driving to the basket from the right side (never from the left), throwing up garbage and hoping to get fouled — ugh. And at the defensive end, overrated from the start. A fouler. Just happy to see him with another team, frankly. I think he was a selfish player who never did understand his own limitations."

  • @Hurley32 tweets: "@truehoop Corey Maggette just scored 17 points in a NBA preseason game without making a basket! In 14 minutes!!"

  • The Lakers are in an amazingly strong business position for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is Magic Johnson, who taught the city how cool sports can be. Another is the fact that they are in a major media market where they do not have to play second fiddle to the king of American sports: American football. Now here's news that Magic Johnson, who recently sold his minority ownership stake in the Lakers, is working to bring NFL football to Los Angeles. Could there be worse news for Laker owners? (Via Kurt Helin on NBC)

  • Was Hakeem Olajuwon better during Ramadan, when he fasted?

  • Kevin Durant is family friendly. Here's a Kevin Durant Jack O'Lantern. And in this post I learned about a young rapper who brags that he lives with his parents, does not curse and is like Kevin Durant.