Toronto is just fine with Joey Dorsey

Joey Dorsey is from a part of Baltimore that, he says, is tougher than what was portrayed in "The Wire." And there have long been players who grumbled that Toronto was not for them -- for one thing the city lacks a certain street cred.

But Dorsey has no such hangups, and would be thrilled to call Toronto home.

He tells The Score's Holly MacKenzie about a day last January, when he got a call from a former coach, with condolences he did not understand:

“I was like, ‘What do you mean?’” Dorsey remembers.

He didn’t know what was happening, and after the coach hung up the phone suddenly, Dorsey immediately called his mother in a panic. When he got her on the phone, his mother first tried to hide the pain from her son, pretending nothing had happened. Not on this weekend, not when he had so much to prove. After Dorsey told her about the call from the assistant coach, his mother broke down.

Dorsey takes a breath before revealing the tragedy he found out about that day. “My mom started crying. My cousin had got kidnapped and killed.” The impact hit Dorsey immediately. “It’s very hard for me to trust anybody. I really don’t go back home like that. It’s just like, ‘What am I doing going back home for if they killed him?’” After that, Dorsey shut himself off even more. “I really don’t let people get close to me anymore or anything like that. My mom says you should stop shutting people out of your life, so coming up here, this is good for me. An outdoor place, I can walk around, have friends and have fun. I’m cool with it up here.”