Tuesday Bullets

  • The Indiana Pacers have too many players. Literally. They have to get rid of some people soon.

  • The Warriors get in touch with John Canzano to say Baron Davis is absolutely not on the trading block. Canzano doesn't believe them.

  • You know those summer pickup games in Houston that have had NBA stars in them forever? Used to be the big names were guys like Sam Cassell and Clyde Drexler. Now young whipper-snappers like T.J. Ford, Gerald Green, and Glen "Big Baby" Davis, and Royal Ivey are taking over.

  • Jason Williams is recovering from surgery--which reportedly could take a while--which means the defending champions need a point guard. Ira Winderman says they had their eye on Jannero Pargo but he apparently prefers to play overseas. I'm telling you, Euroleague and the NBA are competing hardcore for talent. It's like the ABA vs. the NBA days.

  • J.A. Adande on UCLA recruit, and Oregonian, Kevin Love: "Frank Burlison has chronicled college and prep hoops for a long time, long enough not to get caught up in each and every 'next thing.' But he says Love will make the Bruins Final Four material and that he already has better low-post moves than most NBA centers."

  • Isiah Thomas and Andy Miller are using every trick in the book to pry Jared Jeffries from Washington. Burning bridges by saying publicly he doesn't want to be in Washington is only the beginning. They also structured the free agent offer sheet so that it will get the Wizards dangerously close to luxury tax territory. Why go to so much trouble? What's so great about playing for the Knicks? Frank Isola says Jeffries has known Isiah Thomas since he was 12. The Wizards have until Monday to match the offer or lose Jeffries, and Ernur Grunfeld says he'll use the whole week to make up his mind

  • European basketball nets that make a delicate fashion statement.

  • Haikus about the Lakers. Here's Shammond Williams:

Quite short shooting guard

Not good enough to play point

Two mil down the drain.

  • Four USA Basketball Players update their NBA blogs, still don't have anything interesting to say.

  • I like this though: a report from USA Basketball camp describes NBA stars playing defense like desperate college players. So fun to watch? And you know why it would't work in the NBA? Because the season is too long. Shorten the season, I say.

  • LaMarcus Aldridge, Etan Thomas, Jarron Collins, Brian Scalabrine, J.J. Reddick, B.J. Armstrong and others are at the Seeds of Peace camp in Maine, teaching basketball and peace to young Palestinians, Israelis, Jordanians, Egyptians, and Americans. I once went to a Nets game with Seeds of Peace, and blogged about it yesterday.