Isiah Thomas Doing Wrong by Herb Williams

Have you been following this? On draft night, Thomas spoke about longtime Knick current New York Coach Herb Williams in the past tense. "He did a fine job when he was here," etc.

Then on Wednesday, no doubt to smooth things over, Williams and Thomas sat side by side answering questions at the Knicks' practice facility.

Isiah Thomas was asked if he felt an obligation of loyalty to Williams and The New York Times quotes his reply as:

"What loyalty means to me and probably what it means to other people are different," Thomas said. "I am loyal to winning and I am loyal to the New York Knicks. I am not loyal to any individual."

(What about your wife, Isiah?)

Seriously, though, if you have no intention of keeping the man around, fire him already.

According to the Times, Williams has a bizarre contract whereby he'll be paid to be the head coach until August, and then as an assistant coach for a year thereafter. I wonder if Thomas is keeping him around to see if Larry Brown, Nate McMillan, Bill Laimbeer, or whoever's next might want him as an assistant.

I only hope for Herb Williams' sake that this is all over soon. There's a fine line between being a good soldier and preserving your dignity.