Whose Minutes Does Jared Jeffries Take?

The Knicks have so many big salary players who could end up on the bench behind Jared Jeffries. Russ Bengston makes the point that this could be bad for David Lee. One thing I notice about David Lee? For a young player, he makes very few mistakes.

Now they can start a frontcourt of Jeffries, Channing Frye and Eddy Curry, who—if you believe Isiah Thomas, haha—should all be All-Stars before you know it. This moves Jalen Rose to the world's most expensive bench, alongside James, Jamal Crawford, Malik Rose, Maurice Taylor, Quentin Richardson and the ghost of Penny Hardaway. One must presume that the starting backcourt will be Steve Francis and Stephon Marbury, an arrangement that should work great for roughly a week...

Who does Jeffries take the most minutes from? Most likely it's David Lee, who's a ridiculous athlete and energy guy. He's also probably the best locker room storyteller/conversationalist on the Knicks, along with Malik Rose, Frye and Jamal. And it's hard to imagine he'll still be a Knick once he gets the chance to go somewhere else. Especially if he finds himself behind Jeffries and Renaldo Balkman on the depth chart. Figure Jalen and Maurice Taylor get traded at the deadline for more veterans with absurd contracts. Maybe someone like Kenyon Martin, who should already be figuring out what number to wear in New York.