Bad Work Environment: How About Them Knicks

So, Knick fans had gotten used to a lot of stuff. There are just some readily available lowlights from the Knicks' recent history:

Today, there's a new pile of doo doo to smear on the team. Cablevision has announced it will re-state earnings, to account for some funny accounting to do with the timing of stock options granted to, among others, Knick head honcho James Dolan. Options, which are supposed to be granted at scheduled times, instead were reportedly granted at moments when the stock was particularly low, making them much more valuable to the executives who received them. Geraldine Fabrikant reports in The New York Times:

Cablevision said yesterday that it had found that the date and exercise price assigned to a number of its grants did not correspond to the actual grant date and the closing price of the stock for that day.

Whether or not backdating occurred, or was intentional, is not known, and Cablevision would not say. Cablevision said yesterday that the company had hired outside lawyers and had set up a special committee of independent directors, who have received periodic reports on the issue. It has also notified the Securities and Exchange Commission and the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

Here's the best news out of Knick circles in a year: Howard Beck reports that Isiah Thomas is working on his chi:

Thomas was in an unusually philosophical mood yesterday, noting that he had discovered the practice of yoga.

“It’s definitely made a difference in my thought process and definitely has helped me through some pretty challenging times this year,” he said. “I definitely feel more at a peaceful place, even though I’m in a stressful, pressure situation.”