Wednesday Bullets

  • The NBA store in New York may be going away, but did you notice the same thing I did in the Associated Press story about why? "The NBA store on New York's Fifth Avenue will close at the end of February, and the league is searching for a new location. ... NBA executive vice president of global merchandising Sal LaRocca said Tuesday that Kushner Cos. was seeking an increase comparable to the one obtained when the Japanese clothing company Uniqlo signed a lease for other space in the building said to be worth $300 million over 15 years." That number. $300 million. $300 million? Renting some retail space on Fifth Avenue, for a decade-and-a-half, costs more than Michael Jordan paid to buy the freaking Bobcats? Not to mention, by my math, just to pay the rent you'd have to sell more than $50,000 worth of gear every day for 15 years. Could that be a typo? A league source says it's not.

  • Bret Lagree of Hoopinion, on video: Al Horford may be the Hawks' best perimeter defender. He spent plenty of time guarding Steve Nash last weekend.

  • On the Heat Index, Michael Wallace got an interesting quote from the Heat's Eddie House after their meltdown against the Jazz: "For whatever reason, I don't think we had that sense of urgency. I think we got up 20 (points) and might have just gotten bored with that process of how we got up 20." On the one hand, we're all thinking holy cow, you play like 48 minutes every few days, and that's it for work, how can you not have perfect focus the whole time? On the other hand, everybody -- everybody -- has those same motivation issues from time to time, right? In a way, isn't this the easiest thing in the world to understand?

  • With David Stern talking more contraction than expansion, Sonic fans -- defined as anti-relocation -- consider trying to get an NBA team to relocate.

  • David Thorpe (Insider) on Clipper rookie Eric Bledsoe: "Bledsoe was simply dreadful in Vegas summer league for the most part. He showed incredible talent physically, but little ability to run a team or be a good decision-maker. However, after replacing an injured Baron Davis in the starting lineup, Bledsoe has looked more adept at finding ways to use his great athleticism. And his shooting has looked better, too. He's still more dangerous in transition than he is in the half court, but he's starting to look more composed and patient in this area."

  • It's just insanity to already be talking about the Heat trading Chris Bosh. Let that cake bake for a minute before you start selling pieces of it. (Consider the words of Doc Rivers, who remembers his big three stepping on each other in crunch time until they figured it out.) It's even more insanity for a Rockets fan to write that "hell no" he wouldn't trade Luis Scola for him. I love Scola, but everyone remembers who Daryl Morey's dream free agent acquisition was, right? The Chris Bosh backlash is out of control.

  • On that note, Paul Millsap ignored Chris Bosh in the closing second, which was the key to Jazz forcing a tough shot.

  • Tom Thibodeau moved from the Celtics to the Bulls. Did team defensive prowess move with him? At this early stage, there is no such evidence. Although I think this is a question best analyzed in April, or later.

  • Dave from BlazersEdge with Brandon Roy wisdom: "The solution could be as simple as rest or just playing less and waiting it out. It could be as painful and complex as an adjustment to the team. It could be as daunting as Roy re-shaping his game to remain effective instead of mourning what used to be. My hunch is that it's a combination of all of these things and that the fix comes a little from Category A and a little from Category B. But even if Brandon were done for a game or done for the season -- and neither would completely surprise me -- I have a hard time believing he'd be done for his career. That doesn't seem like the Brandon we know and love.Without knowing more about the situation, without knowing which of the three factors in play -- physical, mental, environmental -- weigh heaviest, there's no way to predict an outcome. We could be crying about this tomorrow. We could be laughing about it in April. I'm not sure Brandon himself could say right now which is more likely. The only recourse is to hold on tight and see. It sounds like that's what #7 is doing, anyway. Preceding him over the edge of the bridge seems like bad form."

  • Is it Rudy Fernandez time?

  • Gilbert Arenas, in a Chris Mannix Sports Illustrated article, on his mentality, which has a lot to do with this movie: "There was one other source of inspiration: Undisputed III, a direct-to-DVD movie about a prison fighter who overcomes a grotesque knee injury to reclaim his status as the best fighter in the world. Arenas watched it more than a dozen times over the summer, and the mountain-man beard he sported during training camp was modeled on the facial hair of the film's protagonist, Yuri Boyka. '[Boyka] wanted to prove he was still the man,' says Arenas. 'That was my whole mentality over the summer. Right now I'm just trying to sit back and let John get comfortable. As he gets comfortable, then I'll bring my will into it.' Boyka is a brooding character, and Arenas has adopted that trait as well, becoming uncharacteristically standoffish with the media since his return."

  • You can learn one of Arenas' best moves -- the scissor dribble -- in this "how to" video.

  • When Toney Douglas is shooting well, the Knicks win.

  • Moses Malone credits a lot of his success to a guy named Babyhead.

  • Paul Millsap poster for the ages.

  • Kevin Durant remembers when he was mocked for not being able to bench 185 before the draft. He wants you to see him, now, benching 315.

  • Jeff Lind of Salt City Hoops: "The refs made a GUTSY call. Not very many crews would call a game ending foul for a relatively unknown (Elson), on a superstar (Wade) in the superstar’s house (Miami). Kudos to the refs for stepping up to the plate and making the right call."

  • Happy Birthday, Forum Blue and Gold.