Greg Oden Injury Bullets

  • Royce Young from NBA Facts and Rumors talks about the fact that when Greg Oden goes down with an injury, it usually means Kevin Durant’s name gets brought up. "Oden once told Henry Abbott that it 'bothers him a lot' to see KD playing well. But he meant it because it just illustrates his issues. Oden said, 'Kevin’s good and that team is good and him being the captain of that team… he’s playing well. And when I see him playing well I get mad at myself. Well it bothers me a lot too for those reasons, Greg. And I'm sure it bothers KD too. We all want to have the opportunity to get the Great Debate of 2007 settled. But it never looks like we truly will. A shame indeed.'"

  • Andrew R Tonry of Portland Roundball Society has the timeline of this particular injury and the diagnosis that went along with it.

  • BlazersEdge has the transcript from PDX trainer Jay Jensen’s statement, with this quote that is sort of incredible. "It's very similar. It's the same procedure. It's the same part of the bone that was damaged in his right knee. Even to the point where his right knee, we didn't know how that happened either when that happened. It was an insidious kind of onset with the swelling. He didn't know how he did it. He woke up one day and there was a moderate amount of effusion of swelling on his knee. We do know though at some point it happened from after the draft to when we found out about it, and the reason we know about that is that we did a series of two MRIs on both of his knees before the draft and there was nothing. To quote somebody, they were ‘pristine' MRIs for his knees. Both instances they were found after a normal MRI was done."

  • Greg Oden is most likely an unrestricted free agent now.

  • Greg Oden is a basketball tragedy.

  • Here is the injury history of all of Greg Oden’s injuries. Did you remember he had hip surgery as a sixth grader?

  • Eric Freeman of Ball Don’t Lie: "It's tempting to call Oden a bust, but this kind of injury history is colossally bad luck more than any sort of personal failing. Perhaps the Blazers could have done a better job checking Oden's knees before drafting him, but it's hard to find people who were predicting the sort of knee trouble to this extent at the time of the draft."

  • Kevin Pelton at Basketball Prospectus has a FAQ on the injury.

  • Noam Schiller at Both Teams Played Hard wonders why the injuries keep happening to Oden and Brandon Roy. “Look, injuries are part of the game. We know they are. Sometimes they take greatness and confine it to a short period of time, as with Bill Walton or Elgin Baylor. Sometimes they just deprive us of greatness entirely, as with Shaun Livingston. We hate it, but again, we can do nothing, so we live with it. Barely. But this? Hitting down again and again and again on a spot so sensitive, one that we cared about so much? And for what? So Durant backers can be vindicated? They already were. So Minnesota fans won’t feel bad about their GM preferring Randy Foye? They already do.”