Tuesday Bullets

  • If you want to read one blog post, and come away understanding Wilt Chamberlain, I'd recommend reading this excerpt of The Show by Roland Lazenby.

  • The US didn't have a lot of trouble with Slovenia this morning, and will make the next round. Here's the super-stiff post-game with Mike Krzyzewski and Elton Brand. Out of respect for his opponent, Coack K kept it short, so the Slovenians could get to bed to prepare for their next opponent.

  • Kelly Dwyer on Team USA: "...they've subjugated their own sense of star for the group ideal -- not out of necessity or for the TV stage, but just because these are a bunch of swell kids who really don't know any better."

  • More bad news for the Blazers. LaMarcus Aldridge to have shoulder surgery. He wasn't going to play all that much this season, with that crowded front court, but now he can't be lifting weights and mastering plays either, which is a shame for a nice guy. Doesn't sound like such a big deal. He won't be all better for training camp, but the way Mike Barrett tells it, it won't be too long after that. (WOW: Barrett's blog said a second ago that Aldridge wasn't expected to have a full range of motion by training camp. Now it has been edited. Eric Marentette noticed too.)

  • Brian Windhorst's article on the shoe business in Asia makes it clear that shoe companies play a bigger role than most fans might like to admit: "James and his new company, LRMR Marketing, have made China and Japan huge targets... That's why it was a lock that he would be playing for Team USA this summer in the world championship. 'It is only going to help my business,' James said. 'Once I knew the world games were going to be in Japan, I knew I was going to be on board.' Nike's influence on Team USA is extensive and has been criticized. Some have dubbed Team USA as 'Team Nike' because nine of the players have Nike ties. Some have suggested that head coach Mike Krzyzewski, who has a Nike contract at Duke, was part of the plot. Of course, when Reebok's Allen Iverson wasn't asked to join the team, the conspiracy theory only deepened."

  • The Association is all over Yao Ming's "light" head butt of Peter John Ramos. Is it just me, or is Yao getting feistier? Tracy McGrady has to love watching that...

  • Paging Mert Uyar! Turkey is undefeated.

  • It says here that Pacer owner Herb Simon overruled Donnie Walsh and Larry Bird. He didn't want to pay top dollar for Al Harrington, and at least one writer thinks that was a good call. By the way, have you heard the Al Harrington rumors?