A basketball litmus test

Do you like spectacle ... or results?

The crossover ... or the bucket?

The highlight ... or the win?

Man, I've always said I'm all about the second options in every one of those questions. Show me the long-term, teamwork-oriented, coaching infused blend of smarts, talent, work and selflessness that, over the course of a season, or seasons, leads to titles. That's what I most admire about basketball, and that's what I want to learn from basketball to apply in my life.

But this Blake Griffin throwdown -- it was more of a throwdown, than a dunk, I guess ... that'll test my resolve. Holy cow. It's hard to argue this doesn't matter. It's hard to argue this is just a highlight. It's hard to argue that this wasn't one of the greatest things anyone has done on the basketball court in a while, or that Griffin won't be showing this to his grandkids.

Even though his team lost the game.

So, which camp are you in?

Ronny Turiaf tells The New York Times: “I will take getting dunked on for the rest of the year, every single game, if we get the win.”

Amen, Turiaf.

But at the same time, what would I give -- or for that matter, what would Ronny give -- to be Blake Griffin for that moment? Holy cow.

Championships are the pinnacle of the sport. But this is not too far behind.