David Stern's Steroid Testimony

The NBA Commissioner just dropped some bombs in his testimony before Congress: four tests a year for everyone, and a three strikes, you're out steroids rule.

In prepared testimony submitted to the House Commerce trade and consumer protection subcommittee, Stern revealed proposals the NBA made to its players during ongoing labor negotiations to replace a labor deal that expires June 30.

A first steroid offense would draw a 10-game suspension in an 82-game season, a second would draw 25 games, and a third would result in a player being "dismissed and disqualified from the NBA," with the possibility of reinstatement after two years under "exceptional circumstances."

Whether or not steroids have had a big effect on the NBA, all those drug tests certainly could change things heartily if they test for more than steroids. There have been a lot of allegations through the years of widespread marijuana use, and that's the drug that's easiest to test for. Under the current NBA drug policy, veterans are only tested during preseason.