Stephon Marbury's China turmoil

There are scattered internet reports that Stephon Marbury's Chinese club Shanxi has kicked him to the curb. (I heard about it first from LostLettermen. There's a very detailed report on NiuBBall.com.)

Marbury's Twitter account has been extremely active in the last 24 hours. While the topics have ranged from his personal belief system to crudely deflecting claims about his sexuality, mostly Marbury has been mocking those who say he's returning to America.

In one tweet he wrote that: "Business is still in motion in China." In another he wrote: "I didn't leave China. Believe what you see and hear not what's being reported."

He did little, however, to dispel the notion that he was looking for a new Chinese team, writing: "There are 17 teams here. Business is business. Keep it moving and make it happen some where else."

To most NBA fans, Marbury's presence in China has been seen as a desperate move by a fading star, but there are strategic reasons for Marbury to pursue further work in China. In August, The Wall Street Journal detailed the extraordinary potential of Marbury's shoe company in the world's largest market.