Celebrity Thanksgiving in the steam room

The day after Thanksgiving, the Bulls played in Denver, where they lost to the Nuggets by a single point.

But ... what were they doing the day of Thanksgiving? Joakim Noah says he spent part of the day in the hotel's steam room, where he was joined by none other than NFL legend John Elway.

Noah told reporters about it, and it was captured on video by Fred Mitchell. A partial transcript:

I was in the steam room, by myself, just focusing, enjoying the day off, Thanksgiving.

And he was there. He just came in.

I don't know too many football players. But I know him.

It was kind of weird.

It's a true story.

I actually didn't say anything. It was kind of a weird moment. Kind of awkward.

I was going to say something, but then I was like maybe he just wants to spend some time alone. Just chill.