Pau Gasol Injured in Spain Victory

From CBS Sportsline wire services:

The all-European final, however, will apparently go on without Spain star center Pau Gasol, who injured his left foot in the game's final minute and had to be carried off the court after the game.

"We are extremely happy but it is not full happiness, there is bad news about Pau Gasol," Spain coach Pepu Hernandez said. "He has a serious injury and therefore our happiness is not complete. We want to come out on Sunday and get the win for him.

"I am not sure what the injury is. He hurt his foot and it may be the same injury he had in the season."

Gasol, who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies, was slowed at the end of the regular season with a sore left foot, but did return for the playoffs. Hernandez said Gasol would have tests on Saturday, but he didn't sound very optimistic.

"There is a large difference in us without Pau Gasol," he said of the 7-footer who averaged 21.3 points and 9.4 rebounds in the tournament. "We have to keep going and keep our confidence. We have to try the same things we did to get here only with 11 players and maybe that will be enough."

Gasol, who had 19 points and 11 rebounds, was carried off the court by two teammates with his foot wrapped in tape with ice. They placed him in a wheelchair to be taken to the locker room.

Gasol did have a hairline fracture (was it in the left leg or left foot? I have found conflicting reports) that caused him to miss much of the season a couple of years ago. Hopefully this is not related to that. If this is serious, it could end up giving NBA teams the major willies about sending their stars to play in international competitions. And it's a real shame, because Gasol has been incredible.