Wednesday Bullets

  • Charley Rosen loves those lists. This one is all-time underachievers, and includes the likes of Vince Carter, Stephon Marbury, Tim Thomas, Eddy Curry, Ralph Sampson, Rasheed Wallace, Bonzi Wells, Zach Randolph, and plenty more. (via Justin Rogers)

  • More good thoughts from Tim Kawakami on the Warriors, who was asked by Golden State of Mind if hiring Don Nelson might help the team lure Kevin Garnett, Allen Iverson, Jermaine O'Neal, Vince Carter, or similar: "Big picture, I think Mullin wanted Nelson, period. But he also saw that, when he shopped for talent, nobody was that thrilled about a team coached by Montgomery, who was dominated by Davis. I'm not sure Garnett or O'Neal say, hey, Nellie's there, I gotta get to the Warriors. But it's something that helps, especially if Nelson's able to shove the Warriors to 43 to 45 victories. If."

  • The Associated Press discusses a lawsuit in which Karl Malone is accused of bribery to cover up some sort of elk hunting violation. Harlan Alderman reports: "Former Utah Jazz forward Karl Malone is accused in a lawsuit of offering a former business partner in eastern Idaho a $25,000 bribe to take the blame for an illegal elk hunting trip. The suit filed by Sidney Ray Davis of Soda Springs against Malone's Salt Lake City-based property management firm also alleges that Malone's brother-in-law, Ken Kensey, 'threatened physical violence' if Davis didn't make the investigation 'go away.'" (Malone's lawyer says it's all just people trying to take advantage of the rich guy. "It's a little like terrorism," Alderman quotes, "you can't buckle into it at any time or else it will prevail.") Judging by this photo, it doesn't look like Robert Horry will be Malone's character witness. Need4Sheed has video of "Karl Malone" that will make you laugh. UPDATE: If you ever wanted to see Bostjan Nachbar make Karl Malone look stupid, this is your video.

  • Ann Meyers, legend of women's basketball, becomes a vice president of the Phoenix Suns. Her main responsibility will be the WNBA's Mercury.

  • The female Team USA has no trouble adjusting to the international game.

  • Mike D'Antoni says several interesting things to Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic. He says this should be the year Phoenix wins the title, that a half-healthy Amare Stoudemire can wreck a team, and that it's possible Gilbert Arenas will make good on his promise to score 100 on Phoenix and Portland combined (as punishment to Nate McMillan and D'Antoni for being part of the staff that cut him from Team USA): "I can see why he's a little upset that he didn't make the team. He shouldn't be. It's an honor to be among the top 25. But also, I'm an assistant coach. He has to understand that. But the only guy he can take it out on is me and (Portland coach) Nate McMillan. And you know what? With our defense, he has a chance to get 100. God love him. I hope he can do it. But all I can say is 100 might not be enough."

  • Elton Brand as quoted by Sam Alipour: "In the Olympic qualifier in Venezuela next year, I promise you you'll see us play zone defense and other things that cater to the international game."

  • Mark Madsen has been scrimmaging and says Randy Foye "has a floater that he seems to be able to shoot over anyone."

  • Two NBA players make GQ's list of most hated athletes. Think: west-coast shooting guards.

  • Here's the good news: a two-hour conversation with Chris Paul, live this evening. Here's the bad news: what can you talk about for two hours in the slow days of the off-season?

  • Blogger tries his hand as a referee, is told he isn't even good at blowing the whistle.

  • Mike Barrett with a great Jarrett Jack "love of the game" story: "A good friend of mine, was on a flight with Jarrett from Atlanta a little over a week ago. My friend flew down for the Cal-Tenneesee football game (the Bears got completely waxed, but I didn't go there with him), and Jarrett had just watched the Georgia Tech-Notre Dame game. My friend told me Jarrett brought a basketball on the plane, and, like a responsible traveler, put it in the overhead bin during take off. But I was suprised to hear that during the flight Jarrett actually took the ball out of storage, and began dribbling it, while seated, during the flight. Jack then would occasionally lean forward in his seat and, with his legs out, would go back and forth, dribbling between his legs. In first class you can do just about whatever you want, of course, and apparently no one cared about the constant "thud, thud, thud, thud," from the ball being pounded in the aisle (nice that he had an aisle seat, by the way. I'm not sure what would have happened if he had been in the window seat). When the flight arrived in Portland, Jarrett dribbled the ball off the flight, up the jetway, and all the way to baggage claim. While waiting for his bags, Jarrett found a spot where he had some room, and was actually practicing his crossover. I know you're thinking I made this up, but my buddy swears it's true. I just heard this story over dinner, and you can bet I'm asking Jarrett about it on Wednesday."