Sheridan on Carmelo Anthony to New York

Chris Sheridan just did a chat largely about his recent reporting regarding Carmelo Anthony. Sheridan is adamant that Anthony will not sign an extension with the Nets or Nuggets.

Knick fans have been thinking: Well hell, if Anthony insists on playing for the Knicks, why give up anything for him? Why not just sign him as a free agent?

Sheridan, who says it's 75 percent likely a trade will happen before the trade deadline, explains:

Carmelo is under contract through next season, but he has an opt-out (actually an ETO, basically the same thing). So Carmelo is not considered an expiring contract, and he remains tradeable right up until June 30 if the Nuggets hang onto him past the deadline. Also, the extension that's sitting on the table is good through June 30, too. This is a piece of leverage the Nuggets hold over the Knicks, because N.Y. needs to make the trade by Feb. 24 in order to include Eddy Curry's expiring contract in the deal. And you need the Curry money to make the salaries match.

... No one knows what the rules of the new collective bargaining agreement will be, and there could be a lockout. If you trade for him this season and sign him to the extension, you have the piece of mind of knowing that he's on your roster for the next five years, no matter how long the lockout (if there is one) lasts.