Indiana Thrilled with Danny Granger

Just about every mock draft had Danny Granger going in the top ten. The fact that he fell to Indiana at nummber 17 is a miracle, as evidenced by this great little anecdote from Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star.

"We've got a chance to draft this guy?" coach Rick Carlisle asked team president Larry Bird as they watched Granger work with three other players in early June at the fieldhouse.

"No, probably not," Bird responded.

Bird was so sure Granger wasn't going to be available at 17, he apologized to the New Mexico player for bringing him to Indianapolis for the workout.

In the same article, Carlisle is quoted saying the Pacers would have picked Granger even if they'd had the fifth overall pick. Of course, he would say that no matter what to please his rookie, but still, it's a nice little tale.